zmqpp  4.1.2
C++ bindings for 0mq (libzmq)
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zmqpp Documentation


zmqpp is a "high-level" C++ binding for 0mq/zmq. The "high-level" term is used in comparison to cppzmq which is somewhat a raw wrapper around the libzmq C interface.

The library is documented and has a nice test suite. This doesn't mean that the library is bug free or that the test suite is 100% complete.

The development takes places in this GitHub repository.


Basic features:

Being built on top of libzmq, and being a higher-level binding, zmqpp provides some additional features:


zmqpp comes a few examples. These can be found here.

Reading the documentation is a good way to start learning about zmqpp. The most important classes that you will likely use are thoses: